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Getting Here

  • Is there any orientation programming for my parents/family?

    Yes! The President and his staff have set aside a short time to address parents and families who come to campus with their first-year students. The program is brief and parents are not obligated to attend. However, parents and families are encouraged to return for the more extensive Family Days program in October. But be sure to make hotel reservations for Family Days now!

Life at Williams

  • May I bring my belongings early to store until school starts?

    Unfortunately, there is no storage space available in your entry. However, you may ship your things to the Campus Post Office, addressed to yourself at your Student Union Box number. Packages should be marked "Hold for Arrival," shipped to arrive after Aug. 22 and limited to 25 pounds max. The College assumes no liability for items stored. Students are required to show their student ID to pick up packages.

  • What do the Deans do?

    The Deans Office provides services to students, including

        • academic advising
        • academic accommodations
        • crisis intervention
        • international student advising
        • multicultural student support
        • orientation and First-Year programs

Living on Campus

  • What should I bring?

    Student rooms are furnished with a bed and mattress, desk and chair, bureau, and bookshelves. As space permits, College-owned furniture may be stored in storage rooms. Students are responsible for returning college furniture to its original position in the room when vacating. See the Bell Book.

  • What kind of bedding will I need?

    Mattresses used at Williams measure 36" x 80" (twin extra-long). Students may provide their own linen or arrange to use a linen exchange service provided by a local firm. Williams DOES NOT supply must bring your own.

  • What about cell phones?

    Check with Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T -- most of these providers have fairly good service throughout campus and much of the Berkshires. Just remember to TURN OFF YOUR PHONE when you’re in class! If you need a landline, more information can be found here.

Academic/Campus Resources/Technical Questions