First Days Updates

August 16, 2022

First Days is coming soon!

The finalized First Days schedule is finally here! There may be a few small changes as we get closer to move-in, so bookmark this schedule and check back later.

What is Campus Safety Services?

Student safety comes before every other Williams priority. Read on to learn about the many services CSS provides to keep our community safe.

Getting online at Williams

Please read our First Days technology guide for information on getting your laptops, game consoles, and other wireless or wired devices online at Williams. Stop by the Sawyer Library 2nd floor CET to get in-person support for any of your technology needs.

Don’t Forget…

Get your ID photo in to CSS ASAP! Submit a headshot photo to [email protected] in JPG format-unedited (NO cropping). The photo must have a white background, no hats or sunglasses are permitted. You will receive your ID at check-in when you arrive on campus. All IDs will be activated for borrowing privileges at the libraries.