Whether you just heard about this “social justice” thing today or you marched in the streets in elementary school, Root is a fabulous way to build community on campus through the lens of diversity, sustainability, and social justice!

During Root you will experience field trips, self identity exploration, workshops around intersections of sustainability and identity, and learn how students at Williams flex their activist muscles. You will walk away with a host of meaningful friendships and a deeper understanding of yourself and the world.

What will you experience during Root? In previous years, some of the highlights were:

  • An overnight adventure where we build community, enjoy nature, and generally summer camp it up.
  • Exploring nearby Soul Fire Farm, where students get their hands dirty and experience a farm culture dedicated to food and racial justice.

  • Connecting with community centered grassroots organizations in the region like Manos Unidas or Nuestras Raices.

  • Mixing it up with other EphVentures programs like Exploring The Arts to learn about the history of neighboring working-class North Adams and its revitalization as a center for the arts. And then enjoying a dance party/concert at MASSMoCA!

  • Workshops, games, movies, and discussions with the Davis Center and Zilkha Center staff to build bonds and learn about identity, climate change, and navigating the structure of Williams College.

  • Not to mention some of the tastiest snacks around (mochi, pocky, spiced banana chips, seaweed, and more)!

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    For more information please contact our Student Director, Olivia Goodheart.


Root 2014