Leading Minds

LM Group Sunset

Leading Minds is a program created for, and by, student leaders and administrators interested in providing a head start in leadership development here at Williams. Leading Minds offers students a variety of opportunities to explore their own personal leadership, the leadership of their peers, and the impacts they can and will have on their communities. Through small and large group team building, workshops, personal assessment tools, ongoing dialogue, and a breadth of interactive activities both on and off-campus, participants define the beginning of their own path as a Williams Student Leader, forge new and dynamic friendships and connections, and learn the ins and outs of living in the Purple Valley.LM Canoe

Day 1 – Mindlings and their leaders hit the ground running right out of the gate, engaging in team building, bonding, sharing of self, and some friendly competition both on campus and off campus at a bowling alley


Day 2 – Focusing on the “Self” and “Group,” day two includes some self assessment, bonding in small groups on campus, and the now legendary, Pizza Taste Testing. Workshops around public speaking, body language, and leadership styles are just a few examples of what might come up during the first full day of the program.


Day 3 – Today we launch into the broader “Community,” taking the skills and connections made in small groups, and transporting them into the greater Berkshire community for a half-day of on-the-ground service. Plan on getting your hands dirty, while making a difference in the lives of people you’ve never met. As a reward, enjoy a picnic lunch and an LM Spider Webafternoon full of high energy workshops, networking with campus administrators, and an eye opening, bond firming late night experience that requires wearing hiking shoes…


Day 4 – Rise and shine and on the road. Having spent 2.5 days together and learned a lot about personalities, now we put that to the test at the Camp Becket ropes course. Prepare for an overnight camping in a cabin with your small group and leaders. Low ropes, high ropes, lakeside time, and team building will make the bonds you’ve built something that will last. Engage in leadership in a whole different dimension, and see the beauty that the Berkshires has to offer.


Day 5 – Self, Group, Community, and now back to self. As we return to campus for one final hour together as a whole group, engage in a small dose of self care before leaping back into the remainder of your first days experience. Leave refreshed, awakened, and ready to take on the world as a New Eph and a proud Leading Minds Alum!


LM YogaPast Testimonials

“It gave me guidance as well as confidence.”

“It was not what I expected, it was better! I learned a lot more than I thought I was going to, both about myself and about leadership.”

“It really helps capture what Williams is all about.”

“I expected many workshops, but never could have imagined to learn so much about myself and others.”LM Road