2019 EphVentures Leader Application


A word about religious observance…

Leading Minds
Were you a leader in high school? Did you enjoy the engaging experiences that you had? Do you want to advance those experiences into your time here at Williams? Do you want a jumpstart to your future as a Student Leader? Then Leading Minds is for you!
Exploring the Arts
Join us for workshops in music, theater, dance, visual art, writing and travel to places in Berkshire County for performances, social events, exhibitions and local history. Our workshops are led by faculty, guest artists, alumni and Williams College student artists.
Where Am I?
What’s a Berkshire? Where do cows like to be petted? Do Vermonsters bite? Should I put my pinky up to drink maple syrup from the bottle? How many Williams students does it take to build a campfire on Stonehill? “If you don’t know where you are, you don’t know who you are.” – Wendell Berry
A great way to begin your Williams experience is by getting to know your surroundings! Take this opportunity to spend four days off-campus bonding with a small, diverse group of your classmates off in the purple mountains. No experience is expected or necessary!
Team Eph
Specifically designed for the first-year fall student-athlete who will be participating in pre-season practices. Team Eph participants will discover how to juggle the rigors and joys of being a student-athlete while also contributing to the larger Williams community.
Do you feel passionately about issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, identity, and environmental sustainability? Join Root to bond with like-minded students and to learn about how identity and sustainability relate to each other. We will explore issues of identity, culture and environmental sustainability at Williams and throughout the region.