Activating First Year Email and Student Records Account


Student Online Services Activation for New Students

When you complete this, you will have access to the your Williams email, Williams Google Apps for Education and many other online services.

Here’s some terminology used in this document:

Williams Username:  This is used to access the Williams network and online services, many of which are listed near the end of this document.  This is built from your initials, followed by a number ex: abc1.

  1. Sign in using your My Williams Account login information here to set up your Williams email and sign on to the Williams network.

Please note that going forward, you’ll need to keep track of two different sets of logins: one for your My Williams Account to fulfill any outstanding enrollment checklist items, and the other for your Williams network access and email.

  1. Go to  Using your Williams username and initial password in the last step, change your password to something you prefer. Please do not use the @ character in the new password.  Before reaching the actual change page, you will see the password strength page which will give you tips on setting a secure password.

Note: This process is best done using a desktop computer, not your smartphone.  Please allow up to 15-20 minutes for the change to take place before moving on to step 3.

  1. After you establish your new password, go to  Since Williams uses a Google email domain, you can also access this through gmail via
  2. Open a new browser window, and log in to Williams Student Records at
    • Enter your Williams username without any and password.
    • Once logged in, complete the Activity Guide by clicking the First Year Forms tile.

Make sure to use your Williams email address ([email protected]).  You must use your Williams email to sign on.

Note: If you go to or you may find that you are already signed in to a personal gmail account. You can either sign out of the personal email and then into the Williams email, or you can simply sign in to the Williams email and have both email accounts available simultaneously.  From the gmail interface select your account name on the far right, from the down arrow choose “add account”.  Detailed instructions can be found at:



Illustrated Guide to Network and Email Permissions

Still have questions? Email first-year​@williams​.edu


Williams Student Record System ID: This is your unique identifier.  It has a format of the letter ‘W’ plus 7 digits. ex. W1234567.  This can also be referred to as a ‘Williams ID’ during your Williams career.  It may be used in correspondence, for example, by Financial Aid and other offices.